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Author Topic: Jan 2010 GB ....Discount for Wiigstyle Racing Suspension....HUGE SAVINGS!!!!  (Read 6887 times)

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Im still waiting for my shocks. Heard they were shipped to Missouri by mistake on Monday but nothing since then. :(

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Man Sorry about that. :( Jstev got his back on Friday. We took the bikes out today and he fell in love with his new shocks. I rode it too and they were nice and plush. :thumbs: Give Josh a holler Monday if you don't have them by then.

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Jamie700R shipped a package back monday and it arrived friday afternoon. The other shocks arrived on friday afternoon as well. All shocks have been put back into there rightful owners box and will be shipped back on monday. I am sorry for the mix up.

Joshua A. Wiig
WiigStyle Racing, Inc.


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I may do a full write up after I get to ride some in the woods. 
Josh I am very happy with my shocks.  I was happy to get the discount.  The very slow turn around and the mix up in shipping makes me want to stay away from group buys though.  Slow replies and no communication make a guy pretty stressed.  There was  no t-shirt or stickers in my package.  If you don't have them ready for the group buy, why advertise that it will be part of the buy?  If the shirts and stickers are just a couple weeks out, why not throw a note in the box that says so?   

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My shocks were never revalved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a scam we all paid for a service that was never done!!!   

To revalve a shock the peened shaft needs to be cut to remove the nut then remove the valving. As you can all see this was never done. Why did I pay 665.97 for something that was never done???